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NetHost Merchant Management Program


NetHost Legislation has launched a PCI DSS Management programme for Level 4 merchants in partnership with our,  Qualified Security Assessor partners. This programme features NetHost PCI Merchant web portal – an online portal which enables merchants to meet the requirements of PCI DSS and validate their status.

The portal runs through a PCI Wizard: an electronic version of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire that would normally be required to self-validate compliance. The wizard dynamically adapts the questions to the merchant information submissions, making the compliance process easier – you only answer the questions that apply to your business, rather than a generic form. The process will identify your compliance status at any stage. If necessary, it will also highlight any additional steps you need to take to remediate non-compliance, or activities to be undertaken to protect your business further, such as network scans.


The Programme Includes:

  • PCI Wizard to help you determine your required steps towards compliance.
  • Continual access to web portal to provide ongoing compliance monitoring at any time, and indicators of any remediation activity needed.
  • Online chat to help you through any aspect of the portal/compliance process.
  • Access to the Security Policy Advisor to help you both comply with PCI DSS policy requirements, and develop your own unique internal best practices.

Login to NetHost’s PCI DSS Management programme for Level 4 merchants Web portal

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